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Pass-Through Harness for OBD-II (Legacy)

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Almost all of our modular ECU benchtop programming harnesses use a passthrough harness to maintain compatibility with many different protocols, like OBD-II, OBD-II class 2 serial data, J1939, and more. This pass-through harness is used with our Professional Series switch assemblies with a 16-way black connector opposite the black OBD-II diagnostic connector.

Switch Assembly Pass-Through Harness for GM ECUs Supports:

  • J2411 GMLAN Low Speed at OBD-II pin 1
  • J1850 VPW Class 2 Serial Data at OBD-II pin 2
  • J2284 GMLAN High Speed at OBD-II pins 6 and 14
  • Ground at OBD-II pins 4 and 5
  • 12V Battery at OBD-II pin 16
  • 12V Switched Ignition