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BenchForce J1939 120 Ohm CAN Termination Harness

120 Ohm CAN Termination Resistor Harness

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This termination resistor ends the network. It is the termination point. Most ECMs or PCMs have one built-in so that the other computers know where the signals end. However, TCMs, BCMs, and brake controllers don’t have a termination resistor because they aren’t the end of the network. We have one built into the PowerBlock, so you can turn on CAN termination for those modules and still program them.

If you have a PowerBlock II, III, or IV the termination resistor is built in. Only if you have a PowerBlock I (now discontinued) would this be useful.

To use this termination resistor, you need our Y splitter. Install the harness at one side of the Y and an ECU on the other end of the Y. This will make the termination in line with the circuit.